November 22nd, 2014

Rehearsal Entire Ensemble

We had rehearsal today with the entire ensemble, Sami, Terry, Lucy, Megan, and myself. I unfortunately did not get any video this time around as I was so engrossed in the process of things! Ugh…But I have a couple of pictures. The good news is that we were able to go through the choreography, the music, and sequence of the performance. So not that the piece is “set”, I feel a little more accomplished and can “ease” into the rest of the work. The rehearsal itself went something like this: go over chair choreo, catch up Sami with content and purpose, then choose the sequence and problem solve some blocking, transitional phrases. Then we did an exercise that Marcus Quiniones shared with me about changing clothes with each other and standing in a line under self – chosen hierarchies. After the dancers exchanged clothes ( in a choreographed manner and in a a line) they would re-configure the line in accordance to their new donned clothes and in a different heirarchy – from low to high status. They chose where in the line they would stand. Later, we would take off clothes, but not put anything else on. Until some of us were naked. Actually three of us got completely nude, while two were left just in their undies! That was quite a successful venture. We all felt safe. But how will we do in public?

We were all talking about the hierarchy exercise and how it led us to start judging our selves and each other. We did it also very meticulously. I noticed how each one of us really took the time to see what we were wearing or not, and carefully placing ourselves in a proper order, low to high. Clothes both cover and reveal. They are full of symbols and reflect meaning back to the observer. Especially with out clothes or of the opposite clothes intended for you role, whether it be male or female, gay, bi, freak, etc. Clothes also cover and reveal the state of the human mind, its morals, belief systems, and the physical body itself. I hope that we can see beyond what the eyes sees, and see the social-political climates we engage in. – wai

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