December 1st, 2014

Night Before Performance

It is the night before the performance. I’m naturally nervous – and excited! There’s seems to be a nice little buzz around it, people are saying they are gonna come. Actually, when I was creating this event and going over the performance in my head – I wanted to have the audience NOT know we were going to be there. Guerilla style. But of course, my friends want to know – they don’t count lol!

So, in lieu of a rehearsal on Saturday, I texted these words to the dancers:

Aloha gang – happy Sunday. I thought to send you the order of events for Beyond The Eyes this Tuesday. Prepare yourself by using it to “feel” and “know” the way the performance will / should / hopefully / open to changing in the moment – go, and imagine yourself there. The music assigned to sections aren’t rigid – the playlist is longer and can cover if we go over or use two songs for something…anyways, have a look:

9:30 am. meet at NDB and walk together with our costumes to site in front of Hamilton Library.

Show flow:

1. Sami solo/masculine chairs ( la vie enrose – piaf )

2. Person #2 solo chosen by Sami/ choreo chairs (walk on the wild side – reed)

3. Line up into Heirarchies (changes-bowie)

4. Terry #3 solo/ feminine chairs ( dress you up – madonna )

5. Person #4 solo chosen by Terry/ choreo chairs ( boy – book of love)

6. Person # 5 solo /masculine & feminine chairs (you are my sister – Antony)

7. Line up and take off (I want to break free – queen)


Mahalo nui loa for doing this. It means a lot to me. Excited xo

Well, that’s it for now – we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Me ke aloha, hiamoe pono, goodnight – wai

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