December 4th, 2014

Performance Was Great!

What a fantastic performance/event/experiment! The weather was perfect, the dancers really gave it their all, and there were no arrests! The security guard from the library gave us a quick look in the beginning and left us alone the rest of our 30 min. performance.

The biggest sensation I had after the show, besides being high for several hours after, was liberation. It was a very personal liberation – a sense of freedom and accomplishment as well. Like we really set out to do something and it got done the way I wanted it too – and in many ways, turned out even better. The one thing that could have been a lot better was the volume. It was way too low. The great news is that four out of the five of us got completely nude! That speaks a lot about how safe we felt and power and courage of the dancers. Which none of this could have happened without them. So a big mahalo to SAMI< LUCY< MEGAN< TERRY!! XO Laurie, thanks to you as well! Laurie so graciously volunteered to video our performance and is also editing it. Until I get the video to post, here are some pics of the actual show. mahalo, wailana

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