December 2nd, 2014

Papa 412’s Hula Ho’ike with Kumu Aunty Vicky Takamine. I last danced with her 14 years ago!


July 11th, 2012

3rd Annual Kalani Performing Arts Festival: Huliau – the turning point


KPAF3:  Huliau, the turning point went extremely well.  Having KUNST-STOFF from San Francisco to teach modern dance in this year’s Festival was a real treat.  Also, I was able to work with new teachers like Kenny Elliot (acting), Wainani (hula), and Joule (voice).  These teachers and artists along with Yannis from KUNST-STOFF were newbies to KPAF and they all did extremely well.  KPAF is always a huge collaboration on all fronts that encourages growth, creativity, and strength.  And of course there were my own pillars of strength and kokua, Dede of SAMADHI (aerial) and my boys of Blue Star Octave: Raj, Joe, Sam, and David who came out again for their 3rd year –  fantastic job everyone! It was very special to have you all come and work it out with me – mahalo nui loa to each and everyone of you!  The participants themselves were amazing in that they worked so very hard each and every day, became even more vulnerable in their search for their truth, and shared tirelessly of themselves and to the audience in the Finale.  Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo for all the trust and love…

This year’s festival brought in more people from the islands and even more from the mainland, Japan, and Europe! We had 14 core people and lots and lots of drop-ins from the neighborhood.  What an honor and pleasure to have done this 3 years in a row….I am looking at our 4th…please stay tuned.  Mahalo i ke akua~