This dance film directed by Garin Nugroho and Vilsoni Hereniko is an adaptation from the popular Javanese legend of “Mangir” written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, a never ending battle of power between a king and a regional warrior dating back to the 1500’s – 1600’s. This is a 4:54 min edit from the 30 min original and is currently being shown in international dance film festivals. (NETPAC – Network For The Promotion of Asia-Pacific Cinema – 2016).



Wailana Simcock as featured aerialist in Father Sky, a Postlude to Taimane’s latest album “We Are Made of Stars” available at

Directed and Edited by TallTree Productions. Ukulele muse: Taimane Garner.  Shot on Oahu, Hawaii.




Inaugural Hawaiian Theatre performance for the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, written and directed by Kumu Tammy Haili’opua Baker.

Aerial Dance and Choreography by Wailana Simcock. 2015.

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Choreography by Wailana Simcock

Featuring dancers Jamie Nakama and Lorenzo Acosta. Original music “MOON” by Taimane Garner. Projection design Solomon Enos. This is an excerpt taken Kealoha Wong’s full length piece “The Story of Everything”.




by Joe Goode featuring Wailana Simcock. 2015

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by Amy Schiffner featuring Wailana Simcock. 2015.

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SHELTER – A Dance Film by Wailana Simcock

This piece explores topics of nudity, sensuality vs. sexuality, gender roles, and corporeal and cultural knowledge. It is choreographed to be seen with two performers dancing live in front of the video projection. The dancers exit in and out of the performance space and interact with their projected images. The projection is also meant to cast a live shadow from their dancing bodies, adding another layer to the screen. Featuring dancers Camille Monson and Faith Im. Music “Shelter” by The xx. Directed, choreographed, filmed, and edited by Wailana Simcock. November 2015.


This aerial straps/contemporary dance duet is a study about dance for video.  It features two male dance students who have never been in aerial straps before until the day of the shoot.  We shot it all in two hours.  It is about love and loss, freedom and pain. Featuring Corbett Stern and Terry Slaughter.  Music “Requiem in D Minor” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Choreographed, directed, and edited by Wailana Simcock. April 2015.



Exploring the creation story of the first living man, Haloa.  Dancer Jamie Nakama.  Words and chant Wailana Simcock.


This performance piece is about perception, gender roles, and the naked body. When and how did the naked body become such a threat, and why?  How does meaning and morality shape how we see things? This piece was truly a collaborative effort.  Everyone was integral to the success and research of this piece.  Featuring Sami Akuna, Megan, Terry Slaughter, Lucy Braham, and Wailana Simcock.  Directed and choreographed by Wailana Simcock.


Aerial straps duet with Andrea Torres for a Kaka‘ako’s monthly “Eat the Streets Festival”, Spring 2013.  Music, Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana covered by The Weeknd. Choreography by Wailana Simcock.



Featuring Ka’enaaloha Hopkins (dancer, chanter) and David Sause (live violin).

This is a Hawaiian creation story about the love between Papahanaumoku (Papa who births land) and Wakea (Sky Father). However, they realized that they needed to separate and live apart to make a world for all of their children to live and survive in. Wai Company performed this as special guest artists in “Samadhi Live” at Cupola Theater, Winter 2012. Original music by David Sause. Chant composed by Wailana Simcock. Choreography by Wailana Simcock.



This aerial dance explores the dark side of the ego – the illusion that we are alone and singular. Dubbed the “black piece”, the ego/darkness here is embraced and accepted as part of life itself – allowing light to have space to shine. Performed in an art show at Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Puna, Hawaii Island, April 2011. Music, If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray.



I choreographed on the dancers, models, and large crowds of people for this music video. The other Haka Boys, had their own choreography. I also choreographed the aerial dancers, however, they did not make the edit. April 2012.












This is from IONA Dance Theater’s LA MADONNA performance in Waikiki, May 2012

This is taken from Shizuno’s multi-media performance piece, “THE OCEAN REGARDS US ALL AS ONE”, March 2012


Supernature” – a work in progress

Fundraiser by donation

Saturday March 19 2011

5:30 pm

The Point, Kalani Retreat Center, Puna

Reception to follow at Hale Aloha